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NSO’s bid for ESU Board Meeting 70

Bergen will host BM70 in spring 2016.
Bergen will host BM70 in spring 2016.

It is our pleasure to present NSO’s bid for Bergen as candidate city for the 70th Board Meeting in May 2016.



In 1936, in that same city, the student movement in Norway was organised for the first time, and 80 years later we believe it is appropriate that Bergen welcomes you all to join in our celebrations. Our  seminar will focus on the global student movement, as 70 years ago, in 1946 the International Union of Students was formed, sadly no longer active, which sought to represent a coordinated voice of students across the world. It is timely for us to take the issue of the global student voice seriously once again, and we in NSO believe that the timing of the 70th BM is perfect for such a topic.

Bergen has always been an international city. Founded as the primary trading point connecting the arctic north of Norway with the rest of Europe, it quickly grew into the Hanseatic League’s most important North Sea port. At one time in the middle ages one third of Bergen’s population were born outside of Norway.

Today, Bergen is a major centre of Higher Education with more than 10% of the city’s population being students. The University of Bergen, Bergen University College and the Norwegian School of Economics are the largest institutions in the city with the Bergen School of Architecture, the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, the Norwegian Naval Academy and the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research providing a great deal of diversity and a fertile atmosphere for creative and intelligent exchange.

Nakken protest

A sample of the Norwegian Student Movement

We are delighted to submit our candidacy with NSO as the main organiser, supported by the University of Bergen and the Student Parliaments of the two largest institutions in the city. Of course should the board support our candidacy, we will extend the list of supporting organisations to guarantee the financial, social and content-related success of the meeting and seminar.

Any questions or comments you may have are very welcome either by email or in person to Helge or Aengus who will be present in Baku.

With the very best wishes,

Bergen2016 organising committee,
Helge, Aengus, Bjørn-Anders, Karsten, Marianne.


About the logobm70finallogo

Our candidate logo is based on the traditional Norwegian Bunad – the national dress of Norway. Norwegians are very proud of our national dress and any special event or fancy dinner is incomplete unless at least one person shows up in their bunad. The national holiday – 17. may – is a real bunad party as every county in Norway has their own special design and elements.

As NSO looks back 80 years to the founding of the Norwegian student movement, we find such an ancient symbol of Norwegian culture useful to remind us of what links us to our history, while also using the past as a learning tool for the future. What we hope to do together at BM70 and the Global Student Voice seminar is to design our future together, pulling together all the different strings into a beautiful new design. And in typical bunad fashion, while it might not be easy to wear, and is sometimes very itchy, it will be worth the investment, and make a clear statement that we, the students of the world, know where we come from.

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