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Election at the General Assembly 2021

The General Assembly (GA) elects the Executive Committee (EC), the Central Board and the political and organisational committees for 2021/2022.

All students from NSOs member institutions may run for election. You are not required to attend the General Assembly by being a delegate, or have any ties to NSO before running for election.

Soon you will find a candidate presentation form on this page

You run for election by submitting your candidate presentation via an electronic form

See important dates and deadlines further down

The election is regulated by the statutes, section 13.

The election period starts July 1st 2021, and last until June 30th 2022. The Control Committee period lasts until June 30th 2023.

The Election Committee gives the General Assembly a recommendation of candidates for President, the Executive Committee, the Central Board, and the chairpersons of the political and organisational committees.

Candidates to the Executive Committee, the Central Board, the Control Committee, and candidates to the positions of committee chairpersons, will be interviewed by the Election Committee. In order to be interviewed you have to submit your candidacy before the specified deadline.

You may contact the Election Committee at vk@student.no

About the election in NSO

The Election Committee in the National union of students in Norway (NSO) would like to inform you about elections in our organisation. Norway has approximately 26 000 international students from all over the world. Over the last few years the organisation has taken steps to include and facilitate for international students that wish to participate in student politics. NSO’s member unions represent most of the students in Norway. Therefore, it’s important for us to emphasis that we need international students in our organisation. We strongly encourage international students who are interested in student politics, to engage in the organisation.

Although we encourage international students to participate in our organisation and in their local student democracy, it is important to note that Norwegian remains the working language of NSO. At the moment, we are unable to translate meeting documents, but we can give financial aid to our member unions if they wish to have documents translated or a translator for delegates. For more information, send an e-mail to lm@student.no

The Election Committee is responsible for the elections. We will do our best to provide you with all the information you need to decide, not if, but what you will run for in the upcoming election.

Our main objective is to find the most suitable candidates for each position, and give recommendations to the GA. To do this, we need your help. If you know about someone who are suitable for a position in NSO, you must encourage them to run for election.

The positions you may run for

The Executive Committee

At the GA, you may run for many different positions. NSO have six full-time positions in the Executive Committee, consisting of a president, a vice-president, an officer of international affairs, an officer for academic affairs and the learning environment, an officer of academic affairs, and an officer for student welfare and equality.

The Central Board

The Central Board consists of 13 members and 13 substitute members. The Central Board has about six formal meetings through the year.


You may also run for one of the organisational or political committees.

Dates and deadlines

If you are are considering running for election, and wish to be considered by the Election Committee, there are several deadlines you have to be aware of. The Election Committee gives its recommendation to the General Assembly.

Deadline for submitting your candidacy for the Executive Committee in order to be considered by the Election Committee. March 14.
Publication of candidates for the Executive Committee. March 19.
Deadline for submitting your candidacy for the Central Board in order to be considered by the Election Committee. April 5.
Publication of candidates for the Central Board. April 9.
Presidential debate and coach-talk with candidates to the Executive Committee.
Announcement of the Election Committee’s recommendation for the Executive Committee and the Central Board. April 19.
Deadline for submitting your candidacy for committee chairperson, the Control Committee and the Election Committee, in order to be considered by the Election Committee April 21.

Questions about the election, your candidacy or other matters, may be addressed to vk@student.no