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Stop Tuition Fees

The government wants to end the free education principle…

Today (8th of October) the government has proposed an introduction of tuition fees for international students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland. The proposal has direct budgetary consequences in that 80.5 million kroner will be pulled out of the financing of higher education institutions.

The government will, as a consequence, propose a change in the regualations. That change will make it possible for insitutions to be open to take tuition fees in order to cover that 80.5 million kroner cut.

This is a direct threat against the principle of free education, which is a foundation stone of Norwegian higher education.

A threat against one is a threat against us all

NUS-Norway has sent out a press release (Norwegian) regarding the budget. There you will find the quotes from our President, Anders Kvernmo Langset.

This organisation has clear policies that the principle of free education is a foundation stone in Norwegian higher education. Last year the government proposed the introduction of tuition fees for international students, but the Parliament rejected that. That the government is now taking up the fight again is, in addition to messing with the principle, driving right over their own Parliament. This is unacceptable.

We will fight against this proposal. We hope for a good level of cooperation with our member unions, cooperative organisations and the rest of the sector. We hope and believe that the Liberal Party and the Christian Democratic Party will again ensure that the principle of free education will be protected in the budget handling process in Parliament.


We will release as much information here in English as possible over the next few days.